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Barack Hussein Obama brings mania to Los Angeles - 02/20/07

Barack Obama Mania visited near-South Los Angeles earlier today, as the presidential candidate delivered a stock speech before a few hundred supporters at the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex. The speech was held outside in the bleachers of a softball field, and that made it a bit difficult to get a good photo.

Jorge Castaneda, Fifth Columnists, and the Los Angeles Times - 10/05/06

Yesterday former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castaneda spoke as part of the Los Angeles Public Library-associated Zocalo program. I attended (after first going to the library where I thought it would be and then rushing over to the Music Center where it actually was) and was able to ask him whether Mexico had a "Fifth Column" inside the U.S. His answer was somewhat in line with what you'd expect; feel free to skip ahead to read it. Our host for the evening was Los Angeles Times editorial page editor Andres Martinez; that paper publishes Castaneda's column and the two were quite chummy. JC...

Immigration questions George F. Will won't answer - 06/19/06

George F. Will was last heard offering a false choice argument on immigration, supporting the Bush line that we have to either give amnesty to illegal aliens or conduct mass deportations. Now, he's back with "Calculating Immigration Politics":

John McCain wants to know why he's wrong about illegal immigration - 05/11/06

One good way to reduce illegal immigration - or at least try to stop an amnesty - would be if Americans would go to appearances by politicians and ask them tough questions. Then, make sure that the question and the answer are publicized. As an example, think what would have happened if someone had asked a difficult question during this April 7 New Hampshire appearance by Sen. John McCain (via this). He informs his nearly-silent listeners that "our borders are broken, they are not under our control... the first obligation of every government is to enforce our borders." Then, he promotes his "...

Floridians: ask John McCain questions he can't answer! - 02/20/06

From this: [Arizona Sen. John McCain] will be in Miami on Thursday and will promote a business-backed guest worker program and other immigration reforms. The Arizona senator will speak at "town hall" meeting in South Florida sponsored by the New American Opportunity Campaign. That group includes labor unions, business interests, Hispanic groups and other supporters of guest worker program. If you're in Miami, could you please try to attend this event and publicly embarass John McCain by trying to ask him a tough question he can't answer? Unfortunately, the event isn't listed at his site (...

Blumenthal Book Signing Watch - 06/05/03

I suggest we rightie bloggers visit Sidney Blumenthal's various book signings and ask him questions. Two signings have been covered so far, with at least three remaining to be covered. If anyone knows of any other scheduled signings, please let me know. Here are the current reports in tabular form: