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Dr. John Carlo is withholding public health information about swine flu (Dallas County medical director) - 05/05/09

The previously discussed article about the swine flu and immigration included this: Careful not to fuel any backlash, Dr. John Carlo, Dallas County medical director, avoided characterizing any link to immigration. In other words, Carlo is withholding potentially vital information about the source of a potential public health emergency. If some or many of those who are infected in Dallas are visitors or illegal aliens from Mexico, the public has a right to know so that they can contact their elected officials and urge them to take action: greater inspection of those entering the U.S. or an...

Laura McCann/Washington Independent's faith-based "facts" about Obama certificate issue - 01/09/09

I just spoke with Laura McCann of the Washington Independent about the Obama citizenship issue, specifically relating to her paper's attempts to portray those who know the difference between the truth and falsehoods as tinfoil hat wea

What Michelle Obama's "court ordered inactive status" as a lawyer means - 01/05/09

If you go to the website run by the Attorney Registration and Displinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois and search for the record belonging to Michelle Obama (link, earlier screengrab here), you'll find that her Illinois Registration Status is listed as "Voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law - Las