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Pictures from today's massive tea party protest - 03/28/09

(Note: That's actually from Cedar Breaks, a very attractive national monument in Utah.)

My picture is in the KoolAid Central dictionary under "troll" - 03/22/05

While searching for something else, I came across this year-old thread all about comments being deleted from KoolAid Central, a.k.a. Matt Margolis responds with this comment: It's interesting how a few people have wasted a decent amount their time and energy accusing B4B of censoring opposing views. It comes as no shock to me that people who are extremely set upon using B4B as their personal soapbox are very willing to overlook their own repeated violations of the comment policy and ultimately express shock over comments being removed or repeat offenders being banned.The...

Say hello to! - 01/20/05

Say hello to, or as they shall be henceforth noted here, Yes, two slightly disgusting series of phonemes that sound even worse together. is from, the same site that frequently deletes my comments, the last one noted here and one of their more wacky posts noted here.

Dick Morris: Hillary can win - 01/11/05

Dick Morris: Hillary Clinton can't win - oh, and pigs can fly Those who would stick their heads in the sand and maintain that Sen. Hillary Clinton could never be elected president are in for a rude shock, according to the latest data from the Fox News survey. In a poll taken last month, Americans said they felt the New York Democrat was "qualified to be president of the United States" by 59-34 percent. Clinton showed strength among all traditional Democratic voters, winning the approval of Sen. John Kerry supporters by 80-13, blacks by 80-8, all women by 64-29 and unmarried women by 69-24...

Could our collective memories have erasers? - 12/27/04

BlogsForBush: Thanks to Betsy's Page, I learned that Hugh Hewitt's yet-to-be-published book Blog is climbing the Amazon sale ranks, breaking the Top 1000 and then the Top 500 today. I received a recent draft of the book last week and finished it... Good for you! UPDATE: Also, thanks to Hugh for including Blogs For Bush in his "must visit at least weekly" list! Intrigued, I clicked over to Hugh's site. Unfortunately, it's not as bad as I'd hoped: A year ago you had probably not heard of Powerline, KerrySpot, INDC Journal, BlogsforBush, the Belmont Club, LGF, Jeff Jarvis, RadioBlogger, One...

The war against WorldNetDaily - 10/20/04

If you go to this entry at another blog, you'll find no less than two instances of "Deleted - Off topic Moderator" replacing comments I left. That's certainly their right, but for the sake of my readers who might be wondering, "would our own Lonewacko leave off-topic comments, or is there something else involved?", the answer is indeed that something else. Namely, I was providing some backstory and contrary information to the complaint that "[Kerry] Alleged that the Bush administration is somehow in the pocket of the Saudi royal family." Herewith the first comment I left: I note the NewsMax...