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COVID-19 Response

Like everyone else, we urge you to wash your hands and engage in social distancing.

Unlike everyone else, we urge you to also help with this smart plan to get more tests, ventilators, and PPE. Everyone can do that plan right now, at home, in just 15 minutes.

If enough people help with the plan we can save lives. Take time out now and help get more desperately-needed supplies.

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Germantown, OH
Ich kann auch anders! Dann wΓ€re ich allerdings Mainstream. β—ˆ When liberty becomes license, dictatorship is near. β€” William James Durant
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.@Netzdenunziant @raphaelbeerlin: my pinned tweet has a shadowban checker application. It logs in using Selenium Webdriver then checks replies from a user & replies to a user. Perhaps you can link it from your site or README.