Londonistan in the news

In the post "London subway and bus bombing open thread" I said that the mainstream bloggers and the MSM would attempt to ignore the impact that Britain's foolish, tranzi-inspired immigration policies most likely had on the bombings.

However, that same day CBS Evening News had a segment on Londonistan.

Now, the New York Times offers us "For a Decade, London Thrived as a Busy Crossroads of Terror" (link) and from the WaPo comes "In London, Islamic Radicals Found a Haven" (link). Why even the lunatic libertarians (reason . com/hitandrun/2005/07/londonistan.shtml) at Reason had a post linking to those two articles, and it was devoid of their usual Open Borders spiel. On the saner side, National Review offers "Londonistan No More" (link).

And, our own favorite blogger Insty says (instapundit . com/archives/024155.php):

Immigrant groups used to be anxious to prove their patriotism, in part because they feared the consequences if they were thought disloyal. That seems not to be the case today.

What a pithy notation of the problem! Say, everyone let me know when the fine sources linked above start actually covering this issue rather than just popping in when something bad happens.


A lot of this is just pro forma expression of dismay over openness-to-aggression having resulted in massive aggression. If a week goes by without another large scale terror attack, they'll be telling us that tolerance of, and openness to everything, silently including any sort of aggression as well, is how we create value.