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Details on CIR ASAP amnesty: as bad as you'd expect, Part 1 - 12/15/09

This post has excerpts from the first part of the outline of the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009" (amnesty) that was unveiled today by Luis Gutierrez. The backstory and more details are here.

Video: large illegal alien trash dump in Huachuca Mountains, useful idiots clean it up - 03/12/09

There's video of a large trash dump left by illegal aliens here, with the associated story from the Sierra Vista Herald here. The dump is located in the Huachuca Mountains; those overlook Fort Huachuca, a supposedly secure military installation about 50 miles from Tucson. It's home to the United States Army Intelligence Center, and illegal aliens are occasionally found walking across its territory. From the report: the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and Cochise College are assembling a volunteer team to clean up the dump... Holman, 29, of Hereford [a local college official] is a...