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Conservative? CPAC panel promotes immigration amnesty for illegal aliens (Labrador, Helen Krieble, Whit Ayres, AAN) - 03/14/13

Earlier today, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had a panel session entitled "Respecting Families and the Rule of Law: A Lasting Immigration Policy" which featured five supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Is Andrew O'Reilly of Fox News Latino in touch with reality? (Tea Party and immigration) - 02/20/13

Andrew OReilly of Fox News is not in touch with reality, at least when it comes to immigration and the Teaparties. Consider his post "With Tea Party Decline, Immigration Battle Shifts Focus" (link): The times are certainly changing for hard-line anti-immigration activists.

Marco Rubio smears Republicans who oppose illegal immigration and amnesty, keeps helping the far-left - 12/05/12

Tea Parties darling and GOP savior Marco Rubio frequently sounds just like a Democrat politician when discussing immigration. That includes smearing the majority of Republicans, those who oppose illegal immigration and amnesty.

Michael Dukakis mindlessly spouts massive immigration talking points (Michael Bendetson) - 05/24/09

Remember Michael Dukakis? You know, former Massachusetts governor? The tank photo you see to the right? Ran for president in 1988? In case no one still remembers, raid a game of Trivial Pursuit, he's probably in there somewhere.

Marco Rubio: illegal immigration amnesty supporter, or not? - 05/13/09

Marco Rubio is the Republican former Speaker of the Florida Assembly who - together with fellow Republican Charlie Crist - will be running for Senate; Rubio is running as a conservative against the more RINO Crist. Rubio's immigration stance isn't entirely clear; some have claimed that he helped block some anti-illegal immigration bills in Florida.

Bush smears illegal immigration opponents (12/18/2008 edition) - 12/20/08

On December 18, beloved and can't-leave-too-soon president George W Bush spoke at the American Enterprise Institute convocation and said [1] the following (via this): ...And I'm a little concerned about the tone of the immigration debate, labeling our party as "anti"-people. It's one thing to say they want the border enforced, and I understand that. But if a group of people think that a political party is against them, it doesn't matter what else you stand for. And the tone, in my judgment, at times got to be "anti." At one point in our history we had too many Jewish people and too many...