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Sassy Scarlett
Independent southern lady fed up with political elites on both sides of the aisle. Thank God for President Trump~ #Christian #Conservative #SmarterThanADemocrat
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From @jerome_corsi
"SILENT NO MORE: How I Became a Political Prisoner to Mueller's Witch Hunt." My 1st-person…
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From @specialistgi
@jerome_corsi @Southrngirl77 Hope you taped each encounter with mule man Mueller. Would certainly make a good audiobook.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@specialistgi: HRC supports the anti-American DREAM Act, a bill that'd keep some Americans out of college. All Trump/Corsi/Stone had to do was call her on that & she'd be toast. Instead, @jerome_corsi / Trump/Stone sought "dirt" from an enemy that never appeared. Be a patriot.
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From @Southrngirl77
We've undergone many status-quo issues since our Prez pick began. @KellyannePolls reminds us that we have a choice to save or kill America.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Southrngirl77: @KellyannePolls took Zuckerberg $$$ to promote amnesty: Did you know about that? #Trump2016