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Emmanuel Trenche
Fort Lauderdale, FL
MarComm Exec. Business admirer and doer. Part-time Jetsetter. People lover. Coffee fanatic. Artsy, city guy.
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From @Mike2020
We're happy to see Puerto Rico getting the love it deserves. #SuperBowl
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From @EpsterTrenche
@Mike2020 Mike I'm Puerto Rican and you are now in the running for my vote! Thanks for putting #PR front and center.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@EpsterTrenche: great to know you've switched to @Mike2020 over one pandering tweet. Back in the real world, Trump's Maria response was grossly incompetent, as are those like Mike who can't figure out how to hold him accountable. Why trade one incompetent for another?