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Pulitzer Prize winners: anti-Arpaio series; New York Times' Spitzer coverage; Obama sycophant; Politifact - 04/20/09

The list of this year's Pulitzer Prize winners is at pulitzer.org/awards/2009. The New York Times walked away with five awards, the most in their history.

Forum to address impound law - 10/07/06

[[September 28, 2006]]/Sarah Lynch//East Valley Tribune/ link

Pearce calls on Operation Wetback for illegals - 09/29/06

Pearce calls on 'Operation Wetback' for illegals/Sarah Lynch/East Valley Tribune/[[September 29, 2006]]/ link

Sarah Lynch - 09/29/06

Writer for East Valley Tribune. Byline name: Sarah N. Lynch

Arizona Democratic Party, Russell Pearce, and "Operation Wetback" - 09/29/06

The sleazy Arizona Democratic Party is up to its old tricks again, this time trying to smear Rep. Russell Pearce (R-AZ) over his reference to Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" on a radio program. From their press release titled Pearce Resurrects "Operation Wetback" and subtitled Russell Pearce Longs for Pre-Civil Rights Era Immigration Program: In an interview on KJZZ Wednesday, Republican legislator Russell Pearce called for the reinstatement of Eisenhower's 1953 immigration plan, "Operation Wetback." The program, which was abolished a year later, sought to round up and deport all...