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Does Katherine Rodriguez of Breitbart truly oppose illegal immigration? - 02/15/20

Does Katherine Rodriguez of Breitbart News sincerely oppose amnesty and illegal immigration, or is she just using it for clicks? Let's find out. Rodriguez blogs "Flip-Flop: Amy Klobuchar Says English Should Not Be Official Language of U.S." (link). It's a standard issue gotcha piece:

Stay of deportation for thousands of Liberians extended 18 months (like "Temporary" Protected Status) - 03/19/10

Temporary Protected Status is, as discussed in the posts at the link, largely a misnomer. The latest example of how things that are marked as "temporary" become permanent comes from a new Barack Obama directive involving those from Liberia. This current case involves a different program - Deferred Enforced Departure - and smaller numbers of people, but the concept is the same.

"Comprensive immigration reform" returns: S.9, the "Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009" - 01/07/09

Comprehensive immigration reform - aka an amnesty for illegal aliens - is back. Yesterday, Harry Reid introduced S.9, the "Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009" ("SESBA"). What's there now is just a placeholder (link), however the remarks made by Patrick Leahy at introduction show exactly what it is. Those remarks and the list of co-sponsors are below. Note that this is a repeat of how it started in 2007, right down to the bill number. If you want to cut this bill off at the knees, write to your representatives and let them know your opinion. However, for those who want something...