Rosa Brooks to Pentagon; CFR, Soros; her Darwinistic, anti-American immigration policy; journalism bailout

Former Los Angeles Times columnist Rosa Brooks is going through the revolving door again, this time to be an advisor at the Defense Department, specifically to Michele Flournoy the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. There's a lot about her not to like; here's just some of it:

1. She was affiliated with George Soros' Open Society Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations.

2. During the Clinton years, she advised Harold Koh in his previous position at the State Department.

3. In her farewell (for now) column, she advocates for a "government bailout of journalism" (link). In addition to various subsidies, she wants to "[use] tax dollars and [grant] licenses in ways that encourage robust and independent reporting and commentary". Anyone who's older than five knows just how narrowly she'd define "robust". For instance, Lou Dobbs probably wouldn't make the cut, not to mention many others.

4. In June 2007, she offered "How immigrants improve the curve" (link). Discussing all the things wrong with it would take too long, but the first thing wrong is her contention that Americans are fat and lazy and that the only solution is giving us (them from her perspective) the competition of bringing in immigrants, whether legal or not.

The second thing wrong with that column is much more troubling and hopefully she'll be called on it one of these days:

And when it comes to illegal immigrants, just getting here takes astounding courage. Illegal immigrants endure astonishing privation and risk - just for the chance to improve their lot by doing the backbreaking work so few native-born Americans have the inclination to do.

It's rare to find anyone promoting the benefits of illegally journeying to the U.S., which frequently involves crossing a dry and either very hot or very cold desert. What Brooks' statement equates to is a Darwinistic immigration policy, where our southern border serves as a way to filter out those not fit enough to come to the U.S.: they die along the way. According to Rosa Brooks, they wouldn't have made good Americans anyway.

Please go to one of her public appearances or similar and point that out to her on video, then upload her response to video sharing sites.


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