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Seth Boffeli
Twin Cities, MN
Italian-Irish, 1/2 Gaelic, 1/2 Garlic. AARP fraud prevention adviser, also into politics, midwest, Packers & Brewers. Tweets are my own.
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From @theManeMan13
Guess who got a front row seat for @SenGillibrand's @CNN Town Hall tonight at 10 ET... This guy did!…
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From @bigragu19
@theManeMan13 @SenGillibrand @CNN Did you bring your resume?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bigragu19: @theManeMan13 doesn't take citizenship seriously. Citizens should ask pols tough questions, not just act as shills as Robert did at the #CastroTownHall. If he's there looking for a job, perhaps he should put the USA before his personal interests.