RNC considers loony Obama "socialist" resolution, including deceptive immigration position

Back in May, conservatives on the RNC considered a resolution under which they'd call the Democratic Party the "Democrat Socialist Party". Now, some of the same brain surgeons are back with a resolution urging "Republican solidarity in opposition to Obama's socialist agenda" (link). While there's certainly the possibility that Obama has sympathies on that direction, and it's a fact that he has multiple associations with those on the hard left, he doesn't have a public "socialist agenda". The most that could be said is that it's trending in that direction more than to the center or right. Further, the idea that he's pulling the strings on everything the administration does is absurd.

The same RNC members also want to drive RINOs out of their party by requiring that the RNC can't fund those who disagree with more than two out of ten "key public policy positions". The immigration-related position is deceptive, and almost assuredly that was intentional:

We support legal immigration and assimilation into American society by opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants.

1. Almost all top Republicans - including amnesty supporters such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain could sign on to that, because they play word games in which they pretend that the comprehensive immigration reform ("CIR") they support isn't "amnesty". For example, here's video of McCain pretending he doesn't support "amnesty". By using "amnesty" instead of CIR, the resolution appears to be trying to fool people.

2. One way in which you'd supposedly be able to support legal immigration by opposing amnesty would be through CIR: supporters claim that CIR would reduce illegal immigration; see safe legal orderly for some examples. Whether they mean it in that way isn't clear, but it's likely.

3. That provision has no details, no indication of any limits on the amount of legal immigration, no requirements or goals on assimilation, and no indication of whether it would include guest workers and the like.

And, none of the other provisions even mention the sleazy ways - such as identity politics - that the Democrats are able to obtain power, much less suggest that the GOP counter-act those power grabs.

UPDATE: The draft RNC platform from August 2008 also included a sham anti-"amnesty" provision. In 2004, Tom Tancredo had problems getting immigration provisions in their platform and instead a muted version of George W Bush's position was adopted; see this and this. From the other side, a 2006 Democratic Party strategy document didn't mention immigration at all. Also, an earlier version of this post inadvertently made it appear that the proposal would require complete agreement with all ten provisions; to get funding, someone would only have to agree with eight of the provisions or more.


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