Rep. Suzan DelBene serves on Committee overseeing H1B visas despite having deep links to Microsoft

From this:

U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene understands Microsoft’s need for temporary work visas for skilled foreigners probably as well as anyone in Congress - and what she doesn’t know she could just ask her husband.

DelBene, a freshman Democrat from Medina, is a former Microsoft executive who bankrolled her two congressional races with her high-tech wealth. Her husband, Kurt, is president of Microsoft’s Office Division, one of the company’s biggest business units.

Now DelBene sits on the House Judiciary Committee with jurisdiction over immigration laws, an issue of keen interest to Microsoft and other companies...

She denies there's a conflict of interest, and that's more than a bit ludicrous. Her position on the issue - more H1B workers, and faster - isn't in any way rare for Washington DC. However, the chance that she'd take the position of American tech workers is very slim due to her links to a top H1B supporter.

12/30/13 UPDATE: Her husband Kurt has left Microsoft and now works at the White House heading the effort to fix HealthCare . gov.