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Robbie Taylor Hunt
Essex, England
Kiwi-Brit Director 🏳️‍🌈 | #TUNA & #howwelove @VAULTFestival | Prev. #ERIS @BunkerTheatreUK | @AirlockTheatre | IDI-UK Intimacy Director Apprentice | he/him
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From @vornietom
On the phone to my crying disabled sister, who is afraid to go out on days when she's feeling well without her walk…
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From @vornietom
this is not an academic loss for the left. This is an actual loss for the least powerful people in the UK, and peop…
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From @RTaylorHunt
@vornietom Yes. People will die. And meanwhile Tories will think "ah jolly good bit of fun! I don't have to pay a bit more in taxes!"
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From @24aheaddotcom_
A team that has a losing record usually analyzes why & devises a plan to do better. Can you say that's true of partisan hacks here or there? MT @RTaylorHunt [dittohead] MT @vornietom [freaks out about Tories winning (England I guess)]