Reason Magazine misleads about Jared Loughner (+AllahPundit, Glenn Reynolds)

Reason Magazine offers the deceptive video "The Week in Stupid: Cable Pundits on the Gifford Shooting" (below). If you trust anything Reason tells you, keep reading.

The video leads off with Zach Osler - a former friend of Jared Loughner - claiming that Loughner was apolitical. What Reason doesn't tell you is that Osler hadn't seen Loughner for two years. In fact, conveniently "forgetting" to mention that long time period has been a staple of dishonest attempts by the tea partiers and their enablers to deflect blame. People can undergo dramatic changes in two years, especially in their early twenties. While Loughner does appear to have no discernible political ideology, omitting the highly material fact that they hadn't seen each other for two years is an attempt to deceive.

The video also includes David Brock making the claim "Glenn Beck has been responsible for three thwarted assassination attempts this year". It should be obvious that I'm not a Media Matters for America fan, but when they're right or close to it, they're right or close to it. And, they make a strong case to back up that claim here. Reason isn't doing their friends in the teaparties or in other parts of the deranged right any favors by trying to paper over the impacts of inflammatory rhetoric.

Needless to say, the video is linked by AllahPundit of HotAir at
about-the-arizona-shootings and by Glenn Reynolds at See his name's link for much more information on him, including his attempts to run away from his violent rhetoric.

The Week in Stupid: Cable Pundits on the Giffords Shooting