Questions for Michelle Obama about immigration

Taking a break from her many other tasks, Michelle Obama spoke [1] at a naturalization ceremony earlier today and, as many other past and present political figures have done, used the opportunity to promote comprehensive immigration reform.

There are a few questions based on her remarks below, and I strongly urge you to try to get answers. That can be done when she participates in online forums or at her public events during Q&A sessions. See the Question Authority page for an action plan. Obviously, the establishment media can't be counted on to ask her questions designed to put her on the spot, so that means you are going to need to help out. You can also use these questions to discredit some reporters [2].

1. At the ceremony, you used the trite talking point "nation of immigrants". Since someone can't be both a U.S. citizen and an immigrant to the U.S., isn't that phrase incorrect? Isn't citizenship one of the most fundamental American concepts, and isn't the accurate thing to say that we're a nation of citizens?

2. You said "[i]mmigrants start roughly one in four of our new businesses", and you appear to have gotten that claim from a report by Michael Bloomberg's "Partnership for a New American Economy" [3]. Since PNAE misled about immigrants and the Fortune 500 in another study, have you independently verified that statistic, yes or no?

3. Of those immigrants starting businesses, how many are here illegally? Can you give us a rough percentage, or didn't you bother to look into that?

4. Of those immigrants starting businesses, how many are sole proprietorships started by illegal aliens, such as farmworkers, those trying to use independent contractor status to skirt our laws, etc.? Can you give us a rough percentage, or didn't you bother to look into that?

5. You said "[a]bout 30,000 permanent residents serve in our military". About how many illegal aliens serve in our military with permission? Do you have a figure, or don't you know?

6. About how many suspected illegal aliens serve in our military without permission? By that I mean those who used falsified documents to join. Do you have a figure, or don't you know?

7. Does people using falsified documents to join our military pose a security risk? If you say it doesn't, please explain. If you say it does, please detail exactly what Barack Obama has done in the past about it.

8. You said " many ways, it is because of, not in spite of, our immigrant population that we grow stronger every single day". That implies that you think there are ways that "our immigrant population" doesn't make us "grow stronger", i.e., it makes us grow weaker or doesn't help us much. Please some of those ways. At least list two or three ways please.

9. You said "here in Washington, folks are still debating whether or not to fix our immigration system even though just about everyone agrees that it is broken". Don't some people say that the problem isn't so much with our laws, but with the enforcement of those laws? For instance, how many people who've knowingly hired illegal aliens has Barack Obama's Department of Justice prosecuted? We've all heard the stock speech claiming how good Obama is on immigration enforcement. Now, I'd like a specific number: how many people who've knowingly hired illegal aliens has Barack Obama's Department of Justice prosecuted?

10. The claim is often made that illegal aliens will go to "the back of the line" for citizenship. There are currently four or so [3] million people waiting to immigrate to the U.S. legally, and I guess Obama's plan is to process them and then process illegal aliens. What about those who join the line to immigrate to the U.S. legally while the illegal aliens are being processed. Won't they have to wait until all the illegal aliens have been processed? How much more time will that add to their wait times? I'm just looking for a rough number of years. Does anyone in the administration know, or haven't they thought about that?

11. At the ceremony, you said "[w]ith the exception of just a few ethnicities, every person in this country can trace their history back to a parent, or a grandparent, or a great-grandparent, or an ancestor who made that choice to be part of this country". Besides African-American descendants of slaves and American Indians, which other ethnicities do you have in mind? (This is mainly just a trivial question for curiousity's sake, although who knows where the answer might lead.)

Now, I need your help to get these questions asked. Please see the paragraph above describing how to put them to use.

[1] Remarks by the First Lady at a Naturalization Ceremony,
whitehouse . gov/the-press-office/2014/06/18/

[2] For instance, let's say (as a made-up example) @MLauer tweets "Check out my new exclusive interview with Michelle Obama: ..." I'd then search Twitter for those with thousands of followers who RTed that or who congratulated him. I'd do that by searching for "MLauer", perhaps with "Michelle" added to filter it down. Then, I'd tweet one of the people from those search results something like "Compare the weak questions @MLauer asked to these: ...", linking to this post. If enough people did that it would send a message and would train Lauer to associate asking weak questions with losing reputation points with his supporters. Note that I'm just using Lauer as an example, whether he's even interviewed Michelle Obama isn't known.

[3] renewoureconomy . org/sites/all/themes/pnae/openforbusiness.pdf