PNAE claims immigrants involved in 76% of *some* patents; let's show them wrong (Mike Bloomberg)

Michael Bloomberg's "Partnership for a New American Economy" is a coalition of billionaires and big city mayors that promotes massive immigration, especially skilled immigration. See those links for the details.

They're out with a new study called "Patent Pending: How Immigrants Are Reinventing The American Economy" ( which, as you might expect, treats native-born Americans as yesterday's news and immigrants as the Hot New Thing. Among others, it makes this claim:

More than three out of every four patents at the top 10 patent-producing US universities (76%) had at least one foreign-born inventor.

I don't doubt that their math is correct. But, I also don't doubt that when you look at all the inventors involved, that 76% figure will fall: the only question is how much.

I also don't doubt that promoters of this study in the news media will try to make people think that 76% of all patents went to immigrants and immigrants alone, when that's not the case.

To get the facts, I wrote a program to compile patent data from MIT. They looked at 168 patents, my program looked at 144 (with 421 total inventors; some appeared on more than one patent).

Now, what I need you to do is to look through that list and separate out those who seem like they might be immigrants. You can find the list here. Obviously - just to pick two examples - Yi Lin Cao could be a native-born American, and David O. Caplan could be from Canada. So, doing it that way isn't an exact science but it's close enough for our purposes (PNAE looked at their profiles and contacted some of them, and you're welcome to do that too).

If you want to show Michael Bloomberg wrong - and smack down yet more propaganda that treats native-born Americans like yesterday's news - then take a few moments and split that list at the link above into "possible native-born" and "possible foreign-born". You won't be making claims about specific people, you (most likely) don't get funding from billionaires and have all day to be an immigration booster. Upload the lists to your site or somewhere else and I'll link to it.

You do want to make Mike Bloomberg look bad, right?

P.S. Doing things like this takes a lot of my time, so your generous donations are appreciated. See the block above.