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Joe Franscella
Central Valley, CA
Husband, dad, family man. Corporate and cybersecurity communications strategy. #RepealAB5 #DogsRule
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From @TonyRomm
NEW: Twitter will label tweets from national political leaders that violate rules, a move that could result in labe…
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From @MollyJongFast
@TonyRomm @lizzadwoskin Junior is going to be furious
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From @opiesmom2
@MollyJongFast @TonyRomm @lizzadwoskin Trump will just start tweeting from his John Barron acct.
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From @JoeFranscella
@TonyRomm @lizzadwoskin This will further galvanize @realDonaldTrump supporters further and amplify his tweets, all…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@opiesmom2: dissidents in other countries too, they'll have to tweet from their other account. The large numbers of Dems who are censored by Twitter when replying to Trump officials will have to tweet from their other account too. Liberals should oppose censorship.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Except cons falsely pretending they're the only victims of censorship *helps* Twitter cover up the much greater extent of their censorship. See any lib leaders opposing that? MT @JoeFranscella [#Twitter editorializing on tweets will "further galvanize" MAGA... Trump can't lose]