Is Pete Stark concerned about eVerify keeping illegal aliens from being hired? (Steve Kemp, Golden Gate Minutemen)

Steve Kemp of the "Golden Gate Minutemen" has been behind two smash Youtube hits featuring Rep. Pete Stark. The videos are at the tea parties level as far as stupidity (very high) and utility (very low) are concerned. They do, however, get Steve Kemp and his group a lot of attention, but then again that isn't going to reduce illegal immigration.

A recent hit is entitled "The Federal Government can do most anything in this country" ( ) and features a libertarian type comparing Obama healthcare to slavery. The first hit was covered in Pete Stark smears Minutemen; inept questioner just takes it, asks weak questions.

The latest video ( ) - currently at 330 views but sure to rise - will be sold as Stark thinking that eVerify is wrong because it might prevent illegal aliens from being hired. That's despite the fact that it's not clear whether he actually thinks that. But, who cares about the truth? Actually trying to find out what someone supports isn't the tea parties way.

The argument Stark seems to be making is that it would be unconstitutional to deny citizens and legal immigrants the right to work. That's possibly contradicted by what he then does: when someone asks whether he's referring to illegal aliens he scrunches up his face. It's unclear whether he's assenting or whether he's just trying to tweak the boisterous crowd; I know I'd be strongly tempted to do the latter and I think that's what he's doing in this case.

The bottom line is that the best way to deal with this issue is to find smart, experienced, grown-up, non-fringe trial lawyers and send them to public events to ask real questions; see the question authority page and for one specific topic that needs to be asked about see the DREAM Act.

Steve Kemp-style videos make great theater and are great to get him attention. However, they aren't that great for the level of discourse in the U.S. and they aren't going to help reduce illegal immigration.