Orlando Sentinel: help U.S. workers by letting former illegal aliens compete for their jobs

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The Orlando Sentinel offers a stock editorial called "We think: U.S. needs to deal with illegal immigration crisis beyond borders". As with other similar efforts, it calls for Barack Obama to push comprehensive immigration reform and thinks of his pick of Janet Napolitano is a good start. And, to show just how smart they aren't, they say:

Most of the 11.9 [sic] people who are here illegally aren't criminals. Offering enticements to come forward -- not amnesty -- will help not only them but U.S. workers because they will all be able to compete for jobs on a level playing field. Comprehensive immigration takes the option of being an illegal immigrant off the table. If you don't come forward, you will be deported. Simple as that.

1. Oddly, they don't explain exactly how those who don't come forward would be deported. Would there be mass deportations? Huge sweeps? If so, exactly how would those be carried out considering that the amnesty would give even more power to groups like the National Council of La Raza, who would then use their increased power to effectively block such enforcement?

2. And, it's great that they're thinking of the U.S. worker, but why not just help out the U.S. worker by reducing their competition from current or former illegal aliens over time, such as by enforcing our laws?

In fact, if the Orlando Sentinel really cared about the U.S. worker - and wasn't just interested in obtaining a lower-wage workforce combined with increased power for their friends and associates - they'd push to decrease the numbers of current illegal aliens over time, rather than forcing those they pretend to care about to compete with them under whatever conditions.


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