One in six U.S. workers is foreign born; Census Bureau does sales job

From this:

Nearly one in six American workers is foreign-born, the highest proportion since the 1920s, according to a census analysis released Monday [note: see the graphic].

...In 2007, immigrants accounted for more than one in four workers in California (35 percent), New York (27 percent), New Jersey (26 percent) and Nevada (25 percent).

While the proportion of high school graduates increased from one generation to the next, the share who had bachelor’s degrees or more higher education declined from the second to the third generations. The proportion with doctorates peaked with the first generation.

The allusion to things getting worse with the third generation is then followed by a sociology professor basically playing the race card as well as this agenda-driven quote from Elizabeth Grieco, "chief of the Census Bureau’s immigration statistics staff":

"This really shows that immigrants integrate over time the same way they always have."

Why is a government worker sounding more like a far-left promoter of massive immigration?

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