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Scott Shane
15 years at New York Times, 21 years at Baltimore Sun. Author of Dismantling Utopia, Objective Troy. Still figuring it out.
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From @DarrenLinvill
Here at Clemson, @plwarre and I have spent a couple years learning about state sponsored disinformation. Just publi…
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From @davidrnovak
@DarrenLinvill @plwarre @AndyKroll @ScottShaneNYT Outstanding piece Darren! Love the style and the narrative. Congrats!
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From @Ron_West_52
@DarrenLinvill @plwarre @AndyKroll @ScottShaneNYT The article is sobering. Is there a way to tell if trolls create…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Ron_West_52: those like @DarrenLinvill would have as much censorship here as there is in RU. That would suit Putin just fine: he wants more U.S. censorship to show our system doesn't work. 99% chance Darren Linvill isn't in on that, he just isn't smart enough to realize it.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@davidrnovak: smearing someone as a bot/troll/etc is a very old trick practiced by dictatorships around the world. @DarrenLinvill wants to bring that here. Darren Linvill serves Putin's interests: Putin wants more U.S. censorship to show our system doesn't work. #Clemson
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From @ScottShaneNYT
Important story from @sheeraf on what we Americans do to our own politics with bogus Facebook pages linked to click…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ScottShaneNYT: you're better than this. @sheeraf can't get anything right. Eg, Internet Archive shows RWN is much older than she implies. She helps Trump.