The Next Right banned me, showing little integrity or intellectual capability

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I used to blog at TheNextRight, until I was banned around August. I sent several emails and spoke to both Patrick Ruffini and Soren Dayton on the phone asking for an explanation. They both promised to get me an explanation but never did. I didn't get one until about a month later (early September) from Jon Henke: because I'd posted a couple entries with "Birther nonsense". Except, both simply pointed out that Howard Kurtz and National Review were lying about the basic, cut-and-dried facts of the Obama citizenship matter. There were no obscure theories or speculation involved in either post, just the basic, easily-understood facts. You can see variants of what I posted here and here. If you trust Henke's, Ruffinni's, or Dayton's judgment, see if you can find anything in either of those posts that's factually incorrect, misleading, or illogical (hint: you won't). Note also that National Review followed their editorial with an article (link) in which Andrew McCarthy pointed out problems with their own editorial.

Not only that, but Henke somehow thinks he has some right to my copyrighted content, despite the fact that there was no agreement in place, I wasn't paid money to post there, there are/were spam links in comments on my entries that may be negatively impacting my search engine reputation, and I intended to delete my entries there for that and other reasons. (Because of their spam problem and other issues, Google may now or in the future consider TheNextRight what Google calls a "bad neighborhood", and they recommend against linking to "bad neighborhoods" if you want to remain in Google's good graces. I would never link to TheNextRight for that reason.)

And, all those spam links were on the site run by Patrick Rufini, the Bush 2004 webmaster and a supposed Web 2.0 expert. Note also that I wasn't alone in complaining about the spam links; others at the site pointed it out to them. I even offered to help in exchange for a modest fee; I never heard back. And, The Next Right had an even worse potential problem than spam which I won't go into.

To summarize: they banned me, they refused to tell me why for about a month, and they somehow think they have some right to my property.

And, regarding the whole "Birthers" issue, see my discussion of how it shows once again that many of Obama's supposed opponents are incompetent and end up helping him. Read that if you trust Henke's, Ruffinni's, or Dayton's ability to develop political strategies.

[Note: I hadn't posted on this here because I'm considering filing a DMCA complaint to have my property removed from their site, but a recent Twitter comment from Henke requires a response: twitter dot com/JonHenke/status/5588851765 Ask yourself this: if Henke were competent, would he have "twittered" that? If he were competent and had integrity, wouldn't you expect him to simply delete my property from his site as I requested?]


We all our living In a time that has a new Hitler take power. May God help us all.

You get no respect. _I hadn't posted on this here..._ Probably a good idea to stick to that in the future.

Wow, they actually banned you! When I posted there last year under the same handle I'm using here (and a couple of other conservative blogs) they basically allowed anyone to post and comment and wouldn't ban anyone. No matter how obnoxious, insulting a troll they be (lefties love to comment on that site explaining how could "win elections" if just take their advice). They even criticized Redstate for banning people who were causing problems. It got so bad that I found myself becoming just as obnoxious and insulting to the point that I could no longer make a point without drawing the usual ire from at least two over educated idiots with their heads firmly up their asses. That is why no longer even go to that site anymore.