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Koch Industries' sockpuppets edited Wikipedia and post comments on blogs too - 03/09/11

Public relations firms employed by the billionaire Koch family have been caught using "sockpuppets" to edit Wikipedia pages about the Kochs. And, one of those firms admits that they use people to promote the Kochs on blogs and news sites. Unfortunately, ThinkProgress [1] doesn't discuss what the latter consists of, but I would not be surprised at all to discover that the vile and idiotic replies I receive to my anti-tea parties comments around the web (a recent example here) are coming from sockpuppets for Koch, FreedomWorks, and similar groups. From [1]: Last year, Koch Industries began...

The Next Right banned me, showing little integrity or intellectual capability - 11/10/09

I used to blog at TheNextRight, until I was banned around August. I sent several emails and spoke to both Patrick Ruffini and Soren Dayton on the phone asking for an explanation. They both promised to get me an explanation but never did.