Newt Gingrich launches bilingual The Americano site, outreaches with far-left concepts

Newt Gingrich has launched a new Spanish-English bilingual website called "The Americano" ( His motivation isn't known; he might be trying to make money, or he might be trying to help himself and the GOP outreach to Hispanics, or both. Whatever the motivation, he's not doing a good turn for the U.S. and he's not working against how the Democrats are able to gain and maintain power. The site buys into far-left concepts like multiculturalism and "corporate pluralism", obsessively tying every topic under the sun to the authors' ethnic heritage. That's how the Democrats and the far-left maintain power; Newt isn't trying to take their power away by, for instance, pointing out the dangers of ethnic Balkanization and opposing racial power groups like the National Council of La Raza. The fact that it's not as bad as something John McCain would do is not an excuse.

A quick tour (all articles by non-Newt no-names, add at the beginning of each URL):

1. Pro-Joe Wilson (2009/09/20/nervous-democrats).
2. Anti-Drop Dobbs (2009/09/19/
the-misguided-%e2%80%9cdrop-dobbs-now%e2%80%9d-latino-campaign). Except, the author isn't a fan of Dobbs, he just thinks opposing him is a "tactical mistake". He also says that Dobbs "is now even being tied to a group that has been designated by some as a hate group (FAIR - Federation for American Immigration Reform)." Me, I'd point out that the groups doing that include the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti Defamation League, but Newt's site thinks different.
3. Video of John Boehner on Jorge Ramos's show; doesn't mention that he's a Mexican citizen as I did (2009/09/21/republican-leader-john-boehner-on-univisions-al-punto).
4. Someone who says (2009/09/17/the-hispanic-conservative-challenge) "When conservatives defend a migration policy of secure borders and organized regularization of immigrants, they are defending safer conditions for the nation and preventing abuse of illegal workers." Obviously, "regularization" is a code word for amnesty, but whether it was meant in that sense in the quote isn't clear.


Peter Principle-wise, I guess all politicians reach their level of incompetence/dishonesty sooner or later. Unfortunately, being completely honest about the consequences of current immigration/population trends for America means being very politically incorrect, which right now is simply not compatible with a career as a politician or public figure.