Nancy Pelosi uploads "Cat Cam" video; cute! really cute.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has uploaded a cute video to Youtube called the "Capitol Cat Cam". And, it's actually from her:

Not only does it start out cute, but it ends on an incredibly funny (and original!) note that almost made me forget about all the problems facing the U.S. such as massive illegal immigration, trillions of dollars proposed or being funded for various giveaways, Iran, Iraq, and all the other things that it would be better for her to spend her time on.

Expect MSM stooges to go wild about just how cute Nanci is, at the same time as they ignore or lie about those issues.

Speaker Pelosi Presents Capitol Cat Cam


now thats cat! oh God may cats run government! after all cats have some political understanding!

Cats are good long live cats the best people on earth!!! the black cat looks like obama but has a cat heart not a@@@@##$#$%%$$%%^^%%^.