Mike Gravel, 44 authors call for world government ("Vote World Government")

Former Senator and presidential candidate Mike Gravel is just one of 45 authors who've signed on to an attempt to vote on world government (press release here, site at voteworldgovernment.org). This means next to nothing, but if you're familiar with those authors feel free to discuss their involvement and how delusional they are on your site or elsewhere.

Their goals include outlawing war, lowering taxes globally, and:

With a globally enforced peace, we can actually defeat AIDS and poverty, get serious about everyone's human rights, deal with climate change, encourage freedom and democracy everywhere, and build a truly sustainable future for our planet.


"Globally enforced peace" Enforced how? By war? They aren't even consistent in the opening clause. Geesh!

This guy is what our government is really working to do. Q.its one pm do you know where obama is? A. getting his orders from his boss.

Tim Geithner is meeting with the Bilderberg group....Alex Jones was right all along.