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🇺🇸Italianette Polyglot Civil Rights &Justice ⚖ #TheResistance 💙er ofArt, Film, Literature & Music. Married since forever💘So, not interested
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.@PizzaGirl78 @ddiamond @SashaPSmith: choose a few *smart* ppl to ask questions at #ChaffetzTownHall etc.:
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PizzaGirl78 @ddiamond @SashaPSmith: shouting, chants, weak questions make ppl feel better but ultimately fail. #ChaffetzTownHall
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From @gwenorel1
@24AheadDotCom_ @PizzaGirl78 @ddiamond @SashaPSmith actually no they don't. Government works for us.
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RT @Politics_PR: You've got to be kidding?! Tons of substance and a myriad of issues from guns to immigration #DemDebate…
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.@PizzaGirl78 @Politics_PR: #CNNDebate wasn't a real debate. None of them are. Eg, no back&forth about Webb's aff action comments. #tcot #p2