Mickey Kaus on immigration: not as bad as most Democratic Party leaders

Mickey Kaus is challenging fellow Democrat Barbara Boxer in the California Senate primary; he realizes the futility of that effort and he's just doing it to raise certain issues including immigration. As part of the latter effort he offers the problematic "View from left: Dems kidding themselves on immigration" (link). The good news is that he isn't as bad as other Democrats when it comes to this topic.

The bad news is that, instead of supporting attrition he wants to secure the border first, then pass comprehensive immigration reform: "Tell undocumented immigrants living here that they will have to wait. Amnesty isn't happening anytime soon. Get control of our borders first..." Illegal aliens (not "undocumented immigrants") have already shown an ability to wait, and if they think "reform" is coming they'll definitely wait for it. They'll also tell their friends to come here and those friends will in turn begin waiting.

He also thinks we need "Greater avenues for legal immigration, including immigration from Mexico". Considering that most Mexican-American political leaders have shown divided loyalties, that almost every single Mexican-American political leader strongly supports illegal immigration, and that their followers haven't exactly shown a great interest in replacing those leaders with more pro-American leaders, is that really such an advisable course? Wouldn't it give more power to a political bloc inside the U.S. that would support weakening the very "reform" Kaus supports?

And, as with most others who float such grand plans, Kaus lists no action plan: he has no plan to get from A to B. Simply floating ideas is great, but that's not going to stop Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama from doing what they want to do. Kaus isn't challenging them or their lower-level helpers; he isn't trying to discredit those in the mainstream media who promote illegal immigration; he isn't encouraging or helping others who do that (such as this site); he isn't standing up strong against those who smear him over this or related issues, nor is he encouraging others to help him out. About the only promoter Kaus has is Glenn Reynolds, and that's just not going to cut it. Considering that a good part of the Democratic Party base does not support massive illegal immigration, you'd think this would be easier for someone who has a wider reach than this site.