Michael O'Brien of The Hill keeps lying about Obama's "certificate"

Michael OBrien of The Hill has a habit of lying about the basic, indisputable facts of the Obama citizenship issue. The latest example is this false statement in an article attempting to "Birther-bait" Michelle Bachmann (link):

The state of Hawaii has produced a birth certificate showing Obama was born there.

The problem is that whether that happened is unclear; to state it as a fact is to lie.

First, the infamous picture on Obama's site says right at the top that it's a "Certification of Live Birth". Calling it a "certificate" is an attempt to deceive and make people think that what Obama posted to his site is what most of us think of when we hear "birth certificate".

More importantly, Hawaii never publicly "produced" anything and won't admit to "producing" anything. The only official acts by the state of Hawaii that we know of are issuing two text statements (here and here).

Hawaii has admitted that they haven't authenticated the picture of a supposed "Certification of Live Birth" shown on Obama's site.

If Hawaii had "produced" a document as Michael O'Brien states, wouldn't you expect them to be willing to authenticate that document? At the present, there's no proof that Hawaii "produced" the infamous picture and there's no proof that that picture matches what if anything Obama received from the state of Hawaii. That doesn't mean that Obama posted a fake picture, just that those who make things up are lying.

If this issue is so cut-and-dried, why do Obama supporters like Michael O'Brien have to keep lying and misleading about the basic, indisputable facts of this matter?

And, of course, I realize that the above doesn't matter to many Obama fans and to the "anti-Birthers": supporting Obama is far more important than telling the truth in their minds.