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Houston, TX
i talk cooking, traveling, cats, and baseball but also politics. Follow at your own risk. PSA: Minimalism is not your friend.
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From @maggieNYT
It’s scary how many people will read this tweet and believe this is a) true or b) reflective of how reporting proce…
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From @PepperGii
@maggieNYT how many times has the NYTimes have to issue corrections on their stories now. in the last month alone.
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From @DrewM987
@maggieNYT If you were better at your job and your paper was better at their jobs people wouldn’t believe it.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DrewM987: as you can see from my site (see 'Topics'), I've shown how dozens of reporters like @maggieNYT are being deceptive. Trump has never done that. He's worthless at holding the MSM accountable, because he's just trying to work the refs & rile up his base.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PepperGii: NYT corrections are usually about misspellings and similar, they're rarely major. Their major lies are of omission. If Trump & his fans were smart & patriotic, they could point out *to the NYT audience* the NYT's deception. Trump & his fans aren't.