Laurene Powell Jobs can't figure out how she'd harm Americans (, DREAM Act, Davis Guggenheim)

Laurene Powell Jobs - the widow of Apple's Steve Jobs - is joining with filmmaker Davis Guggenheim [1] to promote the DREAM Act. As discussed at the link, that anti-American bill would harm struggling Americans that want to go to college.

On the site thedreamisnow . org, Powell Jobs and Guggenheim will collect stories from illegal aliens who'll describe how their lives would change if the DREAM Act passes. Guggenheim will then turn that into a film. In other words, their effort is one big PIIPP (see that link).

What Laurene Powell Jobs and Davis Guggenheim won't be collecting are stories from those Americans who would be screwed by the DREAM Act.

There are only a finite number of college slots and discounts available, and any college slot or discount that goes to a someone covered by the DREAM Act is one that did not go to a struggling American student.

In case that dynamic isn't clear, see the video on the DREAM Act page, and for a tangible example see, for instance, this.

From Beth Fouhy of Yahoo ( ):

"There needed to be a demystification - to put a face to these people, to hear the individual stories," Powell Jobs said...

Powell Jobs told Yahoo News her interest in the Dream Act had been sparked through College Track, an initiative she founded to help low-income and minority students attend college. Many of the students in the program are undocumented.

"They're our children's friends. They are people we know. This is a huge national problem that needs resolution," Powell Jobs said.

Dozens - perhaps hundreds - of corrupted establishment media hacks have worked over the years to "put a face to these people"; see the PIIPP link above for several examples of boilerplate propaganda designed to promote the DREAM Act. It would be a great public service if Powell Jobs would offer the pro-American point of view, instead she's going in the opposite direction.

I'm sure that almost everyone should be able to see that if there were fewer illegal aliens in College Track, that would increase the chances that the U.S. citizens in the same program would get college slots and/or discounts. Yet, either Laurene Powell Jobs can't figure that out, or doesn't care.

Another thing she can't figure out is that this isn't just a "national problem", it's an international problem. Losing "DREAMers" to the U.S. assists the corrupt elites of foreign countries such as Mexico: it means less competition for them, it decreases the chance of reform in those countries, it might result in increased income through remittances, and it means that those countries can spend less money on education.

At the same time, it results in braindrain: depriving struggling Third World countries of the smart people they desperately need, something that will have an impact on the U.S. in years to come.

Please write Fouhy with your thoughts, and suggest next time she sides with her fellow citizens and calls Powell Jobs on not siding with her fellow citizens: @bfouhy

[1] You might remember Davis Guggenheim from his Obama mini-documentary that was so sycophantic even Piers Morgan made fun of him: