Kamala Harris program "trained illegal immigrants for jobs they couldn't legally hold"

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris is a contender for California state Attorney General. She's bad enough that some liberals in her city think she's incompetent and soft on crime. Not only that, but even the Los Angeles Times offers "San Francisco D.A.'s program trained illegal immigrants for jobs they couldn't legally hold/As she runs for state attorney general, prosecutor Kamala Harris faces questions over a program that trained illegal immigrant drug felons for jobs, kept them out of jail and expunged their records" (by Michael Finnegan, link).

See the link for the details and a description of a crime committed by one of the illegal aliens she put through the program. She's given conflicting answers on the program; hopefully her opponents will use it as a centerpiece of their campaigns.


Aiding and abetting alien felons. Sounds like she is fit for the AG position in CalifAztlan!

Yeah, saw that earlier on the LAT's web site. The article itself had a slightly disapproving, tut-tutting sort of tone to it, which surprised me.

'Harris said that once she realized that illegal immigrants were enrolled, she allowed those who were following the rules to finish the program and have their criminal records cleared. It is not the duty of local law enforcement, she said, to enforce federal immigration laws.' What the heck? You have convicted felons you weren't screening for lawful presence. Due to this scandal, you find out which convicted felons ARE unlawfully present. What to do? Let ICE deport either immediately or at after they serve their sentence? Not in San Fran--they STILL give them the opportunity to get their criminal record expunged and just let them back on the streets of the U.S. Harris has a duty to cooperate with the Feds and they need to get involved in this because she is, in effect, harboring not just illegal aliens but 'criminal aliens'. ---------- 'The article itself had a slightly disapproving, tut-tutting sort of tone to it, which surprised me.' Notice it wasn't written by one of their usual immigration 'reporters', e.g., Anna Gorman. Just think if it were the tearjerkers and other forms of pro-illegal immigration stories whose publication were so rare and instead this type were published every single day.