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Martha C. Wolkonsky
Brentwood Tennessee
Realtor in Middle Tennessee, Enjoys Harley's, boating, fishing, NRA, the Gym, gardening, music, friends, family #conservative 💍✝👮🏻🐝🌎🏛#MAGA #WWG1WGA
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From @NeilMunroDC
Trump says he's getting just $1.6 billion for border wall in 2019. He wanted $5 billion. He may also get a series o…
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From @aerochic65
@NeilMunroDC @MarthaWolkonsky Waders needed on this post. Hip deep in bullshit. You really should post hazard signs…
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From @MarthaWolkonsky
@aerochic65 @NeilMunroDC I’m not so sure this is total bologna because Ryan may have a hand in the wall. But knowin…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MarthaWolkonsky @aerochic65: the biggest "challenge" for Trump "wall" will happen when he leaves office & Congress just neglects it or tears it down. @NeilMunroDC can't figure that out. I have arguments that undercut Dem leaders *to their base*. You see Breitbart making those?