Josh Marshall /TPMTV misleads about Michelle Bachmann

It's apparently open season on Michelle Bachmann [1], so TPM TV - run by Josh Marshall [2] - offers the attached misleading video entitled "The Bachmann Effect". Leaving the other two segments aside, the middle segment takes her comments out of context and shows how little Marshall/TPM understand about immigration issues.

The middle segment features part of a debate she conducted with Elwyn Tinklenberg on 10/16/08, Tinklenberg says he's in favor of securing the border. Then, Bachmann takes her turn and starts out by saying that he isn't in favor of securing the border. Then, the video cuts to Tinklenberg saying, "maybe I didn't say it clearly enough... I support the idea of securing our borders..." to laughter from the crowd.

To put this in terms that Marshall could understand, there's a difference between securing the border and "securing the border"; see the explanation at secure the border. Tinklenberg appears to fall into the group of those who say they want to secure the border but don't really mean it; Bachmann - whatever her other weaknesses [3] - appears to fall into the other camp. That becomes clear if you watch the full video: link.

[1] It might have something to do with the issues relating to "Treasury takedown: Bachmann vs. Geithner-Bernanke" (link) or "Metaphor maestra Michele Bachmann didn’t really mean ‘armed’ — but her bills do" (link).

[2] The creator's name isn't given for the video, but TPM is Marshall's company so it's his ultimate responsibililty. UPDATE: The creator might be Eric Kleefeld:

[3] On the full video, she points out that she opposed Bush's amnesty scheme. However, she also supports some form of guest worker scheme and appears to be in favor of H1B increases.


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