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#GirlsLikeUs #NRA #tgirlsrock
Politically Incorrect Conservatarian Tgirl! Put'n the FUN in dysfunctional. Live'n, Love'n, Laugh'n, Learn'n! It takes balls to be a conservative transvestite!
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.@xoCAMILLAxo @TEXASSHEBANDIT: there's zero chance Obama's going to do what Mia Love tells him to do. Ask me how to help her stop amnesty.
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From @TexasSheBandit
@24AheadDotCom_ @xoCAMILLAxo something tells me I'm not gonna have to ask lol!
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.@TEXASSHEBANDIT @xoCAMILLAxo: to stop amnesty, make Dem leaders fear amnesty's impact on their careers. That'll scuttle Obama's amnesty.
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.@TEXASSHEBANDIT @xoCAMILLAxo: what *you* can do to make Dem leaders realize amnesty will harm their careers:
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.@xoCAMILLAxo: the valid #immigration option is: But, first, I'm just trying to have *honest* national debate
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.@xoCAMILLAxo: help discredit #GOP leaders that support mass #immigration like @Reince. #tcot #sgp #teaparty #tgdn #gop