Janet Napolitano's immigration stance criticized (she doesn't really oppose illegal immigration)

From this:
Far from being a border hawk, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano frequently blocked efforts to curb illegal immigration, say enforcement advocates concerned about her expected nomination to be the Homeland Security secretary under President Barack Obama.

In July 2007, Napolitano signed what she called the toughest employer sanctions law in the country. During her first term, she established a state task force to curb ID fraud. She was also the first governor to call for using the National Guard on the border, though she subsequently vetoed legislation to grant funding for more Arizona National Guard troops on the border.

But Napolitano opposes a border fence, supports expanding a controversial technology visa program and favors a “stringent pathway to citizenship.”

She has also vetoed a bill requiring voter ID, vetoed a bill requiring local law enforcement to enforce immigration law, and later vetoed another proposal to allow local sheriffs to enforce immigration law.

She also vetoed a bill prohibiting Mexican consul ID cards [the Matricula Consular] that critics say are prone to fraud, vetoed an English-only bill, and vetoed a bill to criminalize illegal immigration...
Much more at the link. Her stance on Real ID is discussed in "Nominee Would Lead ID Program She Opposed" (link).


That's my impression of her as well; really a disgusting choice. He might just as well have picked this woman. [1] Idiot Obama.

[1] blogs.reuters.com/great-debate/2008/11/27/fix-immigration-by-next-thanksgiving/

can we say many waco's in our future? and what fun is waiting for us all when the guns and by force taken away. for one world reasons.