Isabel MacDonald admits Lou Dobbs didn't hire illegal aliens (The Nation)

Earlier today, The Nation released an article called "Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite" (link) by independent "journalist" Isabel MacDonald of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.

It's been taken by most to say that Dobbs employed or hired illegal aliens, when in fact a close reading shows she doesn't make that claim. In fact, there's no evidence in the article that he actually hired or employed illegal aliens: they were employed by others who did work for Dobbs or with whom Dobbs had a services contract. Thus, anyone who says that Dobbs hired or employed illegal aliens is at least making an unsupported claim and in some cases may be intentionally lying. (This is similar to past false stories about Mitt Romney and Tom Tancredo.)

Dobbs denies any such claims here. Further, Dobbs had MacDonald on his radio program earlier today (audio if it becomes available) and she admitted that she has no proof that he hired illegal aliens. Dobbs eviscerated her and showed just how much of a "reporter" she is.

And, Roy Beck of Numbers USA has this to say (link):

I had a few quick minutes to read it before going on the radio show to comment. But it immediately looked to me like the alleged illegal workers had been hired by a company with which Dobbs had contracted. That is, they had not been hired by Dobbs himself.

This was basically confirmed on the radio show when Macdonald said it isn't clear that Dobbs ever actually hired any of the workers who have told Macdonald that they are "undocumented" but have worked at Dobb's farm.

I made the point that it appears Dobbs has done nothing illegal. In fact, federal law basically prohibits people like you, me and Dobbs from asking workers about their legal status if they have been hired by an outside company.

So, if someone claims that Dobbs hired illegal aliens, send them this link and demand a correction.

The above isn't a defense of Lou Dobbs; see the link. Rather, this is yet another example of how you can't trust the illegal immigration-supporting establishment: they'll say most anything to protect their quest for money and power. They also have a great ability to get stories like this out there, with many willing to play along and few willing to ask questions.

Those who'll benefit from stories like this are corrupt banks, businesses, politicians, and countries. Someone like Isabel MacDonald might think she's "Fighting The Power", when all she's doing is helping "The Power" make more money and obtain more power.

UPDATE: An interview with Dobbs, MacDonald, and Lawrence ODonnell is at at which MacDonald says:

I will grant you that I don't have evidence that you directly, knowingly employed any undocumented worker. All I'm saying is that they labored on your property.

She also, of course, accuses him of hypocrisy. It's also clear from the video that they're attacking someone who's more on their side than on mine: Dobbs and MacDonald both generally support comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty.

UPDATE: And, here's how The Nation supports bad, anti-American policy.