Explosive Boston Globe on tiny company tending Mitt Romney's lawn

Those who read all three screens of "Illegal immigrants toiled for governor" should constantly ask themselves, "cui bono?" Three Boston Globe "reporters" (Jonathan Saltzman, Maria Cramer, Connie Paige) spent months investigating the article that can now disclose that the gardening service that tended Mitt Romney's law may have employed illegal aliens:

The situation underscores the extent to which illegal immigrants permeate the US economy. Even as Romney travels the country, vowing to curb the flood of low-skilled illegal immigrants into the United States, some of those workers maintain his own yard, cutting grass, pruning shrubs, and mulching trees.

They admit that the gardening service is tiny; the owner says he only hired legal immigrants (but didn't ask for proof of their status); Romney didn't ask for their status either; four out five employees questioned said they were illegal aliens.

The Boston Globe seems to have been put up to this by either the Democrats or perhaps a local illegal immigration-supporting group:

The Globe received a tip in July alleging that Romney was using illegal immigrants to landscape his property.

Not only did they track the former workers down in Guatemala, and not only did they verify one worker's social security number, but they conducted quite a stakeout:

Reporters then observed the lawn service workers outside Romney's house more than a dozen times, sometimes as frequently as twice a week.

Obviously, Romney should have been more careful, but then again if the owner of the service now says the workers were legal he probably would have told that to Romney as well. If Romney had decided to be better safe than sorry and hired a service with an all non-Latino crew, the Globe probably would have accused him of profiling.

Obviously, stories like this should be very low on the priority list of papers that want to report on large scale malfeasance. Reports like this will have the impact of supporting illegal immigration rather than reducing it.

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I don't know about anyone else, but whenever I do business with a company, I always personally check the documents of every employee. That goes whether I'm hiring a contractor to cut my grass, buying fuel, buying a hamburger, or getting my toenails clipped.

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