Immigration reform may make millions eligible for Obamacare (amnesty, healthcare)

From The Hill ( ):

Comprehensive immigration reform could make millions of people suddenly eligible for assistance under President Obama's healthcare law, assuming a final deal paves the way for undocumented immigrants to receive papers.

Illegal aliens are now prohibited from purchasing coverage through the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges, which will launch next year.

They are also ineligible for Medicaid under most circumstances, making the law's expansion of the program fruitless for people without documents.

Even young illegal immigrants with "deferred action" status, known as "DREAMers," cannot access the law's benefits.

But the picture could change completely if Hispanic lawmakers get their wish - an overhaul of U.S. immigration policy that includes a path to legalization.

The article also quotes Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois; see his name's link):

"We have to figure out a way in which [undocumented immigrants] incorporate themselves into the larger workforce, and into our society in general, and not be a burden... Do we want them to go to the exchanges? Absolutely we do - if and when they don't have healthcare through their employer."

And, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Arizona; see his name's link too) says:

"I think hospitals and healthcare providers would see [illegal aliens getting into Obamacare] as a huge plus... The bottom line is, these people would be contributing toward their own healthcare and not being dependent. They'd be paying taxes. I'd see that as a plus rather than a negative."

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To help do something about amnesty, call out any Obamacare opponents who aren't also vigorously opposing amnesty. That includes Tea Parties leaders, GOP politicians, rightwing bloggers and pundits, and so on.