I don't want to harp on this, but...

Did you know that the website TheObamaFile.com recently shut down? And, the reason wasn't because Obama's CNSF took him away to a FEMA camp: it was because he was putting in a lot of work and no one was using the donations button that he'd had on his site. Lots of people were sending him messages thanking him for his work and the like, but no one was following through with the long green.

Now, nothing like that is probably going to happen here; I have gallons and gallons of vinegar left. However, it does get a bit tiresome crossing my t's and dotting my i's and getting things right and telling the truth and things like that while many bloggers lie or mislead or fail to do any research or just generally do things that aren't effective. And, pointing that out in my standard fashion doesn't exactly lead to those others linking to me. And, not being demagogic isn't exactly great for the traffic either.

So, I'm asking you the casual visitor to chip in a bit using the button below. It doesn't have to be a large amount, just a few bucks or so. I don't want the regulars here to bear the brunt; I want those who haven't been here before or who only come by occasionally to take the initiative. Feel free to take a look around first: use the search features in the right sidebar to look up the name of a politician or group and take a look at our coverage. Compare it to what the MSM or bloggers tell you. Isn't that worth a few bucks? Please note, of course, that any donations will be kept confidential and won't affect our coverage in any way. I'd prefer that they would be anonymous, and if that's an option please select it.

If the above isn't enough, take a look at the attached video. She has a lot of fans and they spend money, and one day you might come here only to find out that I've sold out to The Man and converted this into a fan site with all her videos set to autoplay. And if that happens it was because I had no choice. Don't let your inaction lead to that happening. Please use the button below.


Blowing in the Wind