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Estevan Gonzalez
Bay Area
Senior Graphic Designer at The Bay Club
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From @thejamierusso
I have a real problem with this whole fanny pack around the chest trend
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From @estevan_g
@thejamierusso I’m guilty ‍️
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From @thejamierusso
@estevan_g Isn’t it so hard to access tho?!
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From @estevan_g
@thejamierusso I manage lol ... that’s me just trying to be “cool”
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@estevan_g: hey Estevan, Twitter lies to millions of people by ghosting their replies. @thejamierusso knows all about that, she just doesn't have the honor to resign. What about you? Can you imagine helping lie to millions of people, or do you have a sense of shame?