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Rev.Dr. Chuck Currie
Portland, Oregon
Progressive Christian | @UnitedChurch Clergy | @PacificUCPAS Director | @PacificU Chaplain & Asst Prof | DMin, @CTS_Chicago | MDiv, @EdenSeminary | #MTAMO
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.@RevChuckCurrie: "welcoming the stranger" is a pro-Big Biz talking point that'd reduce U.S. wages, keep some Americans out of college, *and* harm developing countries via braindrain. Is it that you can't figure that out, or lack morality to care? #MerryChristmas #resist
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Grain of poison -> MT @RevChuckCurrie [a Franklin_Graham] ...Trump doesn’t understand the Christian faith. Jesus, born homeless and displaced, welcomed the stranger. Embraced the sick. Came to free all from oppression. Mr. Trump rejects all this. He does not #MAGA
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@RevChuckCurrie @scomarsh @jamescolten: #immigration policies of @Sojourners types *increase* border deaths. Got guilt? #Christian #Catholic