Harry Reid says there are enough Senate votes for immigration "reform"; offers deportation false choice

Maria Pena of EFE - the Spanish news agency behind a 2006 smear - offers "Senate Leader Says Immigration Reform Possible This Year" [1]:

He added that although (comprehensive immigration reform) does not have the backing of all Democrats, the bill will overcome the obstacles that stymied the failed 2007 reform.

The majority leader said he has "no doubt" he could find as many as a dozen Republicans who support the measure to make up for defections in Democratic ranks.

"We can't deport 11 million undocumented people, we can't do it physically and financially, as some would want," Reid said. "Immigration is the strength of our country, we bring waves of people to our country who excel in education and the workforce, and that's good."

"We should bring them out of the shadows so that when someone goes to buy milk for their child they're not subject to arrest. Let's clean the slate, let's have a new immigration program that protects our northern and southern borders, a program that brings (these) people out of shadows and makes them more productive," the senator said.

He said people with criminal records would be excluded and that undocumented migrants benefiting from the initiative would have to pay fines, learn English and be up to date in their tax payments.

It's important to note that he might just be thinking "politically": he realizes how difficult amnesty would be, he just wants some Republicans to alienate their base at the same time as, after failing to get all the votes he needs, he's able to alienate the Republican Party from Hispanics who support amnesty.

And, for a discussion of how he's being misleading, see the "comprehensive" link above as well as secure the border and deportations false choice.

[1] hispanicbusiness.com/politics/2009/6/11/


Like I said: He's the Official Simpleton of the US Senate.

He wants to bring them "out of the Shadows" so they can; -Go to the WELFARE OFFICE without fear of arrest. -We can't afford to deport them but we can support them from "here to eternity" and their offspring who are mostly from one parent impoversished mothers ... -let's see WIC, Welfare and Dream act....ahhh OH look, there's a hole in my pocket and no money left for me....Thanks Harry! You insufferable DOLT! Money for future Harry Reid voters and his corrupt cronies...Someone send him videos of Iran cuz I see similar reactions in Americas future!

Nice line-up, Mary but let's not forget the Earned Income Tax Credit, which even illegal aliens can qualify for. Close to $5,000 if you have a few kids. See the latest edition of "The Social Contract" for details.....

"a new immigration program that protects our northern and southern borders" We urgently need to bring rep's like this to trial, with the charge of high treason.

Yeah ...I agree treason it is...BUT just try getting Eric Holder to enforce the law when he supports terrorists as do Obama and Napolitano and heck let's face it MOST of congress is more supportive of illegal aliens than American citizens...I didn't see average American citizens invited to the conference on immigration....No, instead La Raza who represents Illegal aliens gets a say so...If you ask me they have more power in this country than Americans and that is not only disgusting it is an OUTRAGE that should spark riots in the streets like Iran .

'Let's clean the slate'... Sounds reasonable to the unsophisticated. The problem is that people like Harry Reid don't want that slate to stay clean and those with virtual veto power will only sign off on a built-to-fail system which will perpetually require more 'cleaning'. To them, 'broken system' means working, i.e., limiting system. The system is broken because a negligible % of those illegally present are actually arrested and/or deported. The more power Teddy's ethnic stakeholders get with each amnesty, the quicker the next amnesty will come and the weaker the enforcement of immigration law will be. Notice they don't even bother with the 'just think, we'll only have to do this once!' stuff like in '86. Anyone who thinks the political groups (and party) who gain power from amnesty will want to stop with one are extremely naive.

Third World country here we come....courtesy of our corrupt, left leaning congress!

"We can't deport 11 million undocumented people, we can't do it physically and financially, as some would want," If we can put a man on the moon, we can pretty much do anything. What he meant to say was "We, as your elected representatives, don't have the will nor the inclination to deport 11 million people. We are going to ram these invaders down your throats and destroy your cities." For reference, see my hometown: Santa Ana, CA. A destroyed, occupied ghetto colony of mexico. This is not a false choice. I want all of them deported, like many Americans. Where is Eisenhower when you need him?

If 911 didn't make them control the borders, and disease didn't make them close the borders, and terrorism and the fear of a nuclear or anthrax attack doesn't make them close the borders, and the ongoing drug war and the thousands dead as a result doesn't make them close the borders ,and the gangs setting up shop in cities across the country to such an extent that Phoenix is now the 2nd largest kidnapping capitol of the world doesn't make them close the borders , then I think you can assume this country has been taken over by enemies of this country.