Gumecindo Salas /HACU misleads about Dream Act (Heidi Collins/CNN helps)

Heidi Collins of CNN did a segment on the anti-American DREAM Act earlier today. The transcript is here, and a video of the first part of the segment is here. The first part is a 4+ minute complete set-up interview with an illegal alien who went to UCLA.

The second part consists of a "debate" between Ira Mehlman of FAIR and Gumecindo Salas of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. That part illustrates just how little interest CNN has in actually conducting a debate about policy matters, and it also illustrates how ready DREAM Act supporters are to mislead.

Salas says:

These students, the ones that would be targeted by the Dream Act, are students who have done exemplary. They (INAUDIBLE) salutatorians, valedictorians. They're honor students.

There's absolutely nothing in Dick Durbin's S.729 having to do with academic standards and the like. Salas is at the least not telling the whole truth. He also goes on to pretend that many colleges have open slots without mentioning the fact that there's not an unlimited amount of money for college aid, and he than supports letting U.S. citizens compete against the illegal aliens that would be covered under the bill.

After Collins suggests "there's got to be some sort of compromise" (why?) and after a few more statements from each CNN has run out of time. Perhaps CNN should take some time out from their useless process stories and have an actual debate in which participants are allowed to ask each other questions.