GOP politician's ad: non-Jewish white people "should stick together" (Dan Adler, Debra Bowen, Janice Hahn)

The video below is a shocking new ad from a GOP politician in which an actress says "we in the majority - non-Jewish white people - should stick together". That's followed by the Republican politician chuckling in agreement. In fact, the politician even announces at the end that he strongly approves of the message, and the ad is entitled "Stick Together". This shocking new ad - reminiscent of ads put on by Strom Thurmond decades ago - has been condemned by nearly the entire establishment.


The video below is actually an ad from a *Democrat* - Congressional candidate Dan Adler - in which one of the players says "we minorities [i.e., Jews and Asians] should stick together". That's followed by Adler chuckling in agreement. And, about the only thing approaching a condemnation is Benjy Sarlin of TalkingPointsMemo calling it "Bizarre" [1]. The only reason why anyone in the Democratic Party would condemn it is for being open about just how race- and ethnicity-centric the Democrats are. The ad simply expresses the Democratic Party equivalent of the GOP's "Southern Strategy", and shows yet again why white people who aren't on the Democrats' gravy train should oppose them. The Democrats are a party that opposes white people - especially straight, white, middle- or lower-class, Christian males - every chance they get. Give Adler credit for at least being open about it.

It doesn't matter that Adler is the long-shot to take Jane Harman's seat (against Debra Bowen and Janice Hahn). Out of the mouths of long-shots come a true picture of the situation.

And, as a corollary, the ad shows yet again that those who aren't in on the take should not support the tea parties, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, Mitch Daniels, the Club for Growth, and other members of the "Profits at Any Price" club as an alternative. They have no alternative to offer: vitally important cultural issues are intentionally off their radar in favor of other, far less important issues like spending. The concern of those groups is only with money, not with avoiding Balkanization. Those groups have no answer to those like Adler and have no concern for those like him. The GOP isn't much better, frequently engaging in far-left activities rather than attempting to show how those far-left activities aren't good for the U.S.