George Skelton: illegal aliens are a drain on California, so let's legalize them

George Skelton of the Los Angeles Times offers "Illegal immigrants are a factor in California's budget math" (link). On the one hand, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to get some truth into the LAT's pages, in this case his number-crunching which concludes that "the state spends well over $5 billion a year on illegal immigrants and their families." That includes California-specific programs which were pushed through by the might-as-well-be Mexican agents in the legislature.

On a hopeful note, he says this near the end:

My view is this: These people are here illegally and shouldn't be, regardless of whether they're just looking for a better life. Do it the legal way. And enforce the law against hiring the undocumented.

Then, rushing to cover his PC posterior, this is the penult:

The Obama administration and Congress need to finally pass an immigration reform act that allows for an agriculture work program and a route to citizenship.

That "reform" would do little more than give them a status change, from "illegal alien" one day to "legalized resident" the next. And, eventually, all those millions who were legalized would push for yet another amnesty and would use their increased political power to fight against enforcement, making the situation even worse.


You nailed it. I was reading the article, hardly believing my eyes it was published in that paper. Then the ending shows why. Hey, George, all those costs you speak of wouldn't suddenly disappear by virtue of changing the label from illegal to legal.