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Darren Cahill
Adelaide / Las Vegas
Aussie living abroad and working in tennis. ESPN tennis analyst. AFL & NFL tragic. PAFC ambassador.
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.@darren_cahill: in last month, ESPN's shown on network more tennis, wrestling, lumberjack competitions, poker, spikeball, bowling, horseshoes, whist, xgames, and cornhole than the world's most popular sport. Just off the top of your head, does that make any sense?
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2 Ninja’s on MCA!! #radwanska #hsieh
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.@darren_cahill: even you have to admit most don't GAFF about tennis. Why won't #ESPN *also* show things non-tennis fans would watch, like #soccer (even foreign/tape-delayed etc). Even AU Rules Football, Gaelic football, etc. etc. Why does ESPN think tennis is OK & those aren't?